The region and its traditions

merciIn July 2015, thanks to Pierre Cheval, who was an ardent promoter of our region and Chairman of the Asssociation « Paysages du Champagne », the Champagne hillsides, houses and cellars were included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. This universal recognition is a just reward of the Champenois know-how which has ciseled the countryside and imprinted it with over two hundred years of traditions. In Ecueil, the seat of Champagne Vincent Brochet, the hillsides exposed to the south east, which vary in height from 140 to 284  metres, allow the sightseer to see as far as Reims or let his gaze wander through the autumn mist.  To understand how tradition is celebrated in Champagne, it is necessary to participate in a  cold winter event of the St Vincent fête in January.