The Brochet, peasant family of Ardennes origin, arrived in Champagne, Ecueil at the beginning of the 19th century. They were farmers, breeders and winemakers. Their grapes were sold to the trade.

In July 1944, Henri Brochet married Yvonne Hervieux native of Sacy, a neighboring village. On release, the couple Brochet-Hervieux quickly understands that manipulation is their future. The Brochet-Hervieux brand is launched.

During the 30 glorious years, some hectares are bought and new vines are planted.

Very involved in various renowned wine institutions including the Order of Hillsides, Henri Brochet has transmitted the taste of work and values ​​to his son Vincent Brochet, the current owner, also a dignitary to the Order of Coteaux since 1999.

The latter, after having started the business under the name of Champagne Brochet Hervieux, bought Domaine les Croix in 2010 and decided in 2012 to sign the bottles of his own name: Champagne VINCENT BROCHET.

At Écueil, on hillsides facing south-east, Vincent works his vineyard with strong Pinot Noir dominance, in the purest respect of the environment and biodiversity (controlled grass, modern techniques). Tillage is the responsibility of his son Gaspard, heir to a family passion: land and wine.

The change in continuity